Eggs_for_online_market_002 Vermont Certified Organic Eggs
Grower: Doolittle Farm
Price: $4.00 ( one dozen )
%> Available (Estimated): 12

Why the differenty colors? The different breeds of chickens lay different color eggs and we keep a variety of chickens in our portable houses. The hens are enjoying the spring light and have a bounty of eggs for all of our customers. We just received our shipment of spring grain from Organic Valley Grain, NY and it is a wonderful mix of corn, oats, crabmeal and soy. They enjoy a side offering of wheat purchased from a local wheat grower, cracked corn from Green Mountain Grain, Calcium chips from Bourdeaux Brothers and of course (their favorite)a daily offering of horse manure from Nick's draft horses. All of this creats the beautiful orange yolk seen in the picture. It won't be long, though, before the houses are pulled out to pasture and the hens will be basking in the glorius sun and scratching at the lush pastures!