Brookside Stock Farm

We raise Belted Galloway cattle for breeding stock and beef. The Belted Galloway, a Scottish Heritage Breed of stunning appearance is noted for the healthful and exceptional quality beef it yields. “Beltie” is naturally lean, tender, juicy, nicely marbled and full of flavor due to unique characteristics of the breed.

Most breeds of cattle add a thick layer of body fat in order to adapt to harsh winter conditions. In contrast, Belted Galloways do not. They have a natural double layered coat – underneath the long coarse outer hair is a fine, thick undercoat that increases to 4,000 hairs per sqare inch in winter, providing extremely efficient insulation for body heat maintenance.

As Belted Galloways are exceptionally efficient foragers we are able to raise our cattle naturally on a NOFA Certified Organic grass-fed diet of fresh Brookside grass in summer and baled hay from our fields in winter. No Hormones, No Antibiotics. Our “Belties” live a non-stressful life grazing on our rich pastures in the Champlain Valley.

Our “Beltie” beef is USDA inspected. After proper aging for tenderness it is processed into individual cuts that are immediately vacuum packed and frozen to maintain quality.

Grass-fed beef is highest in CLA. Also 75% more Omega-3, 78% more Beta-carotene.

“Grass fed beef is not only much lower in fat and higher in protein than grain fed beef, but it is also much safer to eat due to a relative absence of E-coli”
Dr. Tilak Dhiman, Utah State University

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